The Foundation

The Hawley Foundation mission is to promote the health, welfare and education of children in Saratoga County, NY.


In 1888, Augusta P. Wiggins began caring for a few children who were orphaned, from families with limited income, or were not well-cared for at home. Ms. Wiggins enticed several Saratogians with her project and in 1891, the institution was incorporated. They elected Methodist Minister Rev. Bostwick Hawley their first President of the Board of Directors. For 16 years, the children lived in various locations around Saratoga Springs.

With generosity from the community, they were able to purchase a home on Ludlow Street in 1904. Initially the ‘Hawley Home’ provided warmth and comfort for 16 children. The home expanded in 1934 to accommodate 34 children from Saratoga and Warren Counties. It offered a temporary respite for some who stayed several weeks while their family members got back on their feet, or for others who lived in the home for many years. For 61 years, the Hawley Home provided refuge for more than 3,000 children. During this time, they attended local public and parochial schools.

In August of 1965, increasingly complex state regulations caused the doors to be closed. The home was sold, and an endowment was established — The Hawley Foundation for Children. Since then, our Board of Directors uses a percentage of the endowment to fund programs and projects that address our mission of promoting the health, welfare and education of children in Saratoga County. We focus on enhancing and enriching lives with several opportunities that include College Incentive grants, Community grants, Camp awards and discretionary dollars.

Each year, our dedicated Board of Directors reviews a myriad of applications from numerous organizations and individuals. The direct impact is invaluable. In just over the past 20 years, the Foundation has donated over $2.5 million in grants. We feel that the benefits are significantly making a real difference and are proud to continue the Hawley legacy created in 1888.


The Hawley Foundation for Children is a private foundation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who have the fiduciary responsibility to manage the foundation’s endowment. They are responsible for making the decisions about distributions from the endowment to be used for the neediest children in Saratoga County, NY.

In addition to the committees who evaluate requests for assistant, the Board of Directors accomplishes its mission through committees for finance, governance, strategic planning and development, and marketing/social media.


Executive Committee
Bridget Kolakowski, President
Jake Behuniak, Vice President
Chris Grosso, Treasurer
Deanne Palmer, Secretary

Board of Directors
Linda Ambrosino
Jake Behuniak
Greg Burns
MaryClare Crandall
Pamela Farrell
Scott Johnson
Rick Moran
Ann O’Brien
Lois Radke
Michelle Smallwood